Tips: Teen Mental Health During COVID-19

The Covid-19 pandemic has spread almost throughout the world is still increasing every day. This has an impact on all conditions that exist in the world, from an economic perspective, education and daily life. National-scale social restrictions implemented by the government to limit the potential for the spread of this virus have brought unprecedented changes for all groups, including teenagers. 

One of the effects of social restrictions is that many teenagers experience stress because they have to stay at home. Various kinds of worries experienced by adolescents are:

1. Fear of missing lessons

For teenagers as well as school students who generally undergo offline schooling will feel a new sensation in learning, namely learning to use online media. Some students consider online learning to be too boring, because there is no physical contact and study using a two-way method so that students do not feel free to carry out discussions or question and answer which will have an impact on student learning understanding.

2. Fear of disease

The Covid-19 virus infection, which has so far occurred in various ages, including young people, is a particular concern. Massive viral infection, causing excessive stress. Stress hormones are left without special handling, will suppress the number of cells that fight viruses and will have an impact on reducing the effectiveness of the body's immune system and can make a person more susceptible to disease. 

3. Worried about parents' income

The Coronavirus has spread throughout the world, causing losses to many parties, including in the economic field. Many businesses, both micro and macro, have suffered losses due to the ongoing pandemic. Parents stop working and experience stress to anxiety disorders because they cannot meet their daily needs as usual and end up taking their anxiety and anger out on their children. 

They either intentionally or unintentionally use verbal abuse on their children which causes psychological problems. This will make children easily lose concentration and also reduce enthusiasm for learning.

To maintain the mental health of adolescents as future nationals, parents should not shed their anxiety and anger. Basically, adolescence is a maa where a child is developing his social area. When teens are under a lot of stress, they tend to take longer to readjust. In addition, adolescence is a time to seek self-identity so that parents have an important role in shaping the character and personality of children.

There are some tips to keep your mental condition good and awake in the midst of a pandemic, namely:

a. Regular exercise

The high rate of transmission of the Covid-19 virus makes exercise an excellent choice during the pandemic, by continuing to implement health protocols, exercise is a good choice to prevent the entry of the virus because of a stronger immune system.

b. Build good communication with family

Communication between families in passing the pandemic at home is clear evidence to build a comfortable, safe and peaceful family environment. Besides, by building good communication between families can understand each other and provide mental peace for teenagers.

c. Eat healthy food

The Covid-19 pandemic which causes prolonged anxiety and stress causes someone, especially teenagers, to be late and even forget to eat. A healthy food to ensure the immune system will help withstand virus attacks and replace damaged cells to strengthen the immune system.

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