5 Steps to Become a Smart Buyer In Online Shopping

Shopping, one of the necessities that everyone does to meet the necessities of daily life. Online shop is currently trending in the community because it makes it easier for users to online transaction without meeting directly with the seller. Online shop is considered very beneficial for consumers because the process is practical and doesn't waste a lot of time.

Various kinds of household furniture, accessories, make-up to various types of food and beverages are now starting to be sold via the internet. Various innovations and variations are applied by the sellers to attract buyers, one of which is by giving discounts or discounts on certain days.

In this all-digital era, many people are reluctant to shop directly, especially during the pandemic because apart from being worried about the spread of the virus, the payment process made during transactions is easier and more effective. 

Some unicorn companies as providers of online shopping platforms that are currently popular are trying to advertise their products to attract customer interest through social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and others. When someone is interested and decides to shop online, the first thing that will be seen is the type of goods and low prices. Over time, many irresponsible individuals abused the platform by selling counterfeit goods.

There are 5 tips that you need to know to be a smart buyer when you do shopping online:

1. Check the security site

When you do online shopping on social media, many buyers are immediately attracted to the items being sold without paying attention to the safety of the sites visited. When shopping online at a website address, you will find the HTTPS: // URL connection which is on the top left of the browser. If you are not careful, the data you enter will be misused by unscrupulous people to steal your personal data for certain purposes. Therefore, buyers hope to be wiser and more careful in choosing an online shopping platform that has proven validity and safety, rather than shopping online at low prices but with a high risk of being exposed to scams or fraud.

2. Pay attention to the products on display, followers, following, and buyer testimonials

In online shopping, anyone can be a seller or a buyer. When someone has a plan to open an online shop, the seller will include photos and videos of the products to be marketed along with the address and telephone number. Before transacting, make sure you have checked the product being traded is genuine or not through buyer testimonials. 

The number of followers and following is one of the important benchmarks which states that the online shop is genuine and trusted. Also pay attention to the comments column on each product on display, if the column is turned off, then the buyer should be suspicious of it because it could be that the goods being traded are not suitable and get a lot of complaints from other consumers.

3. Use a joint account

A joint account is a payment method for online transactions that are considered safer than making transfers via ATM. A joint account (escrow service) is a payment method used as an intermediary for transactions between sellers and buyers through third parties. 

By using a joint account, the transfer of funds made to make transactions with the seller will be safer and more reliable, because the products will be confirmed and sent to the buyer before being transferred to the seller.

4. Compare the prices

When doing some online shopping, basically every marketplace will charge a variety of product prices. Don’t rush to see an interesting product and decide to buy without paying attention to the price that has been determined. Make sure you check out some of the marketplaces that offer the best price and quality. By paying attention to the quality and price of the goods to be purchased and then comparing them with other marketplaces, you will get certain benefits such as getting a discount for the same product and quality. 

5. Suitable with the priority scale

In the era of the Covid-19 pandemic which is currently spreading throughout the world, many online shops offer good products at half-price discounts to attract buyers. To become a smart buyer, it’s important to consider the items that you will buy with the priority scale that you have made so that we can meet your needs appropriately and according to your abilities. 

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